Banker, Philanthropist Jessica Fashano Jumps to Her Death in Manhattan

Jessica Fashano

Jessica Fashano, 27, an analyst at Citigroup, was seen on security footage entering Trump Place in Manhattan alone and asking the way to the roof.

On December 18, 2010, police believe she jumped from the top of the 40-storey building but left no suicide note.

Friends were left stunned by the death of Miss Fashano, who was chosen to present a recruitment video for Citigroup, and had dedicated much of her spare time to raising money for charity.

She held fund-raisers for the Acumen Fund, which makes loans to small businesses in developing countries, managing more than 500 volunteers. She also raised money for a charity providing accommodation for heart patients.

Police said Miss Fashano had been undergoing treatment for depression but friends described her as vivacious.

She graduated from Georgetown University in 2005 and lived 16 blocks away from Trump Place. It was not clear why she went to the building.

A resident saw her in the lift, dressed in Ugg boots and a winter coat, and she appeared alert before asking the way to the roof. From the top of the building there are views of the Hudson River and New Jersey, where she grew up.

Trump Place - Jessica Fashano Suicide

Her friend Michelle Javian told the New York Times: “She just had everything someone could want to be successful. She was always the leader, had everything organized.

“It’s like something just changed overnight. Something just snapped, and we don’t know. Jessica was an amazing person with such a big heart, a beautiful girl, with a contagious laugh and a willingness to give back. She had it all.”

A spokesman for Citigroup said the firm was “deeply saddened.”

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